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It appears I'm only doing these for myself, but I am okay with that.

fake liveblog under the cut )

P.S. You know what becomes a lot funnier if you just watched Lost? This week's Savage Love.

P.P.S. actual episode analysis )
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Hm. One of my ideas for a Lost vid is depressing and unsettling and the other idea is merely, like, moderately bittersweet.
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...oh, Nip/Tuck is over now? That's kind of a relief.

uh huh.

Feb. 26th, 2010 10:09 am
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Showrunner Hart Hanson on Bones:
The two main characters are timeless. Basically, it’s Spock and Captain Kirk, for those of you who are old enough for that. Aubrey and Maturin, for those of you who are older. One is a scientist and thinks very rationally, and the other is an extremely emotional, intuitive person. Little tricks, we swapped the roles, so the guy is the girl and the girl is the guy.

1) Oh! You had a clever idea to make the LADY the RATIONAL one and the DUDE the INTUITIVE one! Congratulations. You've invented THE FUCKING X-FILES.

1a) I mean, it's bad enough that this wacky gender switcheroo was presented as a clever twist in the first place, back when XF first aired, seventeen years ago.

2) the transcriber points out, Spock, Kirk, Aubrey, and Maturin are all men. Even if we are giving a lot of leeway for tongue-in-cheek-ness in his tone (a lot of the talk is a sorta cheeky commentary on how being on network TV in America means not doing a whole lot that runs counter to what the broad audience finds comfortable), there is no reading of this that makes sense.

3) Which brings me to, though, the question that this now inspires: What are all these shows where there's an unpredictable emotional intuitive lady having adventures or solving mysteries or whatever with a hard-headed scientist dude? Besides the last two seasons of XF, in which Doggett and Reyes, I guess, "swapped" the "gender roles" back to intuitive-woman-skeptical-man in contrast with Scully and Mulder.

Anyone? I have been turning this over in my head and I've kind of actually got nothing.
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This is not really a liveblog, because I'm not typing while watching -- Hulu makes that kind of multitasking more difficult -- but Lost on Hulu turns out to work well for not-quite-live-blogging because I have to take WTF breaks anyway.

Wow, this turned out to be sorta long. This is what happens when I'm at home sick and I start thinking about this show:

To the Lighthouse )

(One last ETA: Is there actually any overlap left between people who have this LJ friended and people who are still watching Lost? I've been seeing the occasional Lost posts dotting my flist but I wasn't paying too close attention to who's been talking about the show since I'm always a little behind on watching it.)
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A meme, to keep the gray matter going.

1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or fewer for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

My list:

1. Mary Morstan (Ritchieverse)
2. Liz Lemon
3. Captain Monterey Jack
4. Reboot Kirk
5. Marita Covarrubias
6. Ellen Fanshaw
7. Death (Sandman)
8. Dana Whittaker
9. Fran Katzenjammer
10. Benedick

Take one down, pass it around )

That was quite diverting. Your turn...
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C'mon, guys, I know the movie's slashy and all but is there really NO fandom on LJ/DW at present for the Ritchieverse Irene Adler, on her own or in some pairings or whatnot? That doesn't seem fair.

('Kay there's a story here and a story there, this one by [ profile] impertinence is great, but seriously, you guys. She is right there in one of the main roles being all in the plot and stuff. She's not, you know, Harry Kim's fiancee whatsherfuck.[1])

[1] I know her name was Libby, I'm just making a point here
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Hey! My Yuletide story was by the excellent [ profile] inlovewithnight; thanks once again, and I hope you got something just as delightful for your own gift.

Normally this would be the post where I reveal what story I wrote, but I didn't write one. For the first time in six years of Yuletide-ing, I defaulted due to Real Life, and as Real Life progressed through mid-December the decision to do so turned out to be an even better call than I'd anticipated. (My would-be recipient was handily taken care of by the pinch-hit list and got the Lord John Grey slash that she really wanted and I would not have been able to provide, so there's another Yuletide success story there.)

I have, however, seen Sherlock Holmes twice now (and -- pace [ profile] hradzka -- found it moderately less gay than all this media fracas had led me to expect[1]) and I know what I want to vid it to when I'm up for cranking out fanworks again...

[1] Okay, to be fair, anything short of going Full Brokeback would have been less gay than all this media fracas was leading us to expect. I'm not complaining about the endless clips of RDJ and Jude Law getting frisky on red carpets and the fantastic spectacle of Michael Medved's head exploding over the steamy Holmes/Watson scenes in his imagination, but was it really THAT slow of an entertainment-news cycle this autumn?


Dec. 25th, 2009 11:07 am
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Ahahaha. You guys. Look[1] what I got: The Wrath of Jon, 30 Rock, gen. The arcane mysteries of NBC; also pie. Mostly Jonathan-POV, which is a twisted and hilarious pair of eyes indeed.

Jonathan's only regret was that he didn't know what happened after the door closed. There were rumors, passed down in handwritten notes from assistants past, and now exchanged by the current assistants of the building on a closed instant messaging network, rumors of dark magics and bloody rituals and arm-wrestling matches overseen by Jay Leno. But nobody really knew how ownership of Max Weinberg was decided.

Thank you so much, anonymous! I am cackling to myself in the middle of our Xmas-strewn living room and hoping I am not called upon to explain this to the fam.


[1] possibly you should look sometime later this afternoon or tomorrow, since it took me five tries to get it to load and now I can't get back to it to leave a comment. YULETIDE: WE ARE LEGION
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Hello! My access to the web right now is more limited than I expected, but I am looking forward to reading your story before Christmas Day (Pacific time) is over. Thanks so much for writing it, and I hope your holiday season is going as magically as humanly possible.
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From Elyn:

Pinch Hits Problem

Apparently Yahoogroups has changed some policy, and the wave of pinch hits sent out has DISABLED MY YAHOO ACCOUNT. I can't post to it to tell the pinch hitters why I'm not responding to claims. Of the 20+ groups I belong to or own, only 3 are displaying, presumably because the rest are on the email address that has been disabled. I... am not a happy camper.

At this point, I need to sleep, and there's very little I can do about this. If you want to claim a pinch hit, you'll need to *forward* or otherwise get the info to my personal email (, and I'll work with that, and try and respond when I get up in a few hours.

Please boost the signal on this, to try and reach other people on the pinch hit list. I'm not sure how the second half of the pinch hits are going to go out, but we'll figure something out.


Please boost the signal on this:

We have a backup list for pinch hitting, called yuletidepinchhitters! You can join at the website, if you have a Yahoo account, or by email:

To subscribe to a group's mailing list via email:

* Send a blank email to To activate your subscription, just reply to the confirmation message you receive from the group.
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Hi! Thank you for embarking on this fabulous adventure.

I write pretty much the same Dear Author post every year, and you can get the gist by clicking the "yuletide" tag. :) I hope you see something in my requests that inspires, amuses or intrigues you, but if you're looking at the email and going oh god why did I sign up for this nonsense, just remember that sometimes that feeling precedes great work -- and that Yuletide prompts, much like the pirate code, are merely suggestions.

(I'm realizing how very infrequently I post these days and that it might actually be kind of hard to locate my old fic and stuff to see what-all I am generally about, so here are links to the fic and rec tags as well.)

Whatever fandom we share, I can't wait to see it through your eyes. Have fun, and see you on the other side!


Oct. 30th, 2009 09:06 pm
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This is not directed at anybody in particular! I just feel it is an important reminder. Also apparently some crazy shit happened on the Yuletide comm proper, which I had already stopped watching because everyone was freaking out too much? Anyway, IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY. This will be my, good lord, sixth year of writing for Yuletide [unless the drama gets too high for my delicate sensibilities before sign-ups even open!] and it is always really well-organized and basically works out fine. And you will be fine. And your story will be fine. And the story you receive might be fine or it might be terrible, but that's okay too.

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Who made that TARDIS-centric vid to "Enormous Penis" by Da Vinci's Notebook? I had a whim to see it but it's not on YouTube, or at least I was not willing to perform more than a few YouTube searches in a row including the string "Enormous Penis" after my first couple attempts failed to turn it up...
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Daily Beast: Barack Obama has a secret plan to fight inflation.

(I can't evaluate the economic argument; I just think it's hilarious.)

ETA: Oh man, I should have said, "This is why we don't let Rahm Emanuel take over the press briefing!"

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