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ME: I actually did see "RocknRolla" the other night. I didn't feel like doing anything intellectually taxing, plus I have a crush on Mark Strong.

IRISH GUY: How was it?

ME: Well, if you see it, you should really see it here, because it turns out in this country you can buy hard liquor at the cinema.

IRISH GUY: ...wait, seriously?

ME: Yes, there it was at the concession stand, ice cream and popcorn and HARD LIQUOR. Not just beer but LIQUOR. I was like, man, I generally don't even drink, but I obviously have to buy a gin and tonic and drink it in the movie theater, because it's there.

IRISH GUY: Obviously.

ME: And I'm inclined to say it improved the movie immensely. But yeah, it's entertaining, pretty much what it looks like in the ads. Nonsensical heist plots and Thandie Newton and the Russian mafia and things like that. Oh, and all of a sudden there was a sub-plot where one of the characters had to come to terms with his best friend being gay.


ME: I am not making this up. It was IN THE MOVIE.

IRISH GUY: Are you sure you were interpreting correctl--

ME: No dude this was totally in the movie they used the word gay and everything.

IRISH GUY: ...Just how much did you have to drink?

So you guys am I the only one on my flist who's seen this movie? because Guy Ritchie has made the discovery (presumably via his years of marriage to Madonna) that gay people are okay and he wishes to convey this to his audience and it is HILARIOUS.
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1) Rebel Without A Cause, which, no, I had not seen before; I have on numerous occasions tried to rent and watch it and various things kept happening to prevent my seeing it to the point that I had nearly become superstitious. Anyway, it's everything [ profile] kumquatweekend said it was and I love it to pieces. Also it's a completely different movie from the one that we are led to imagine from its cultural status--and a much more interesting one, to boot. Pop-cultural osmosis, you have failed me. (Pop-cultural Moses failed me as well.)

2) The TV movie Not Only But Always... which I happened upon at Scarecrow Video. I think this may be a shippier work of television biopic than even The Two of Us, although I did not watch the latter all the way through. More than once I had to flail my arms at the screen and be all like, "Dear Channel Four: PLEASE STOP MAKING ME SHIP PETER COOK/DUDLEY MOORE. It is NOT APPROPRIATE SERIOUSLY."

3) I'm halfway through watching The Four Feathers, an underrated adventure movie with a young-and-hungry Heath Ledger (I'm pretty much cribbing [ profile] twistedchick's description, I think). But what I wanted to say is that there's one trailer on the DVD and it's for The Core, of all things, that ridiculous sci-fi movie with Aaron Eckhart! At least it looks ridiculous, I never saw it, but I almost want to now, just to enjoy Aaron Eckhart's evident ability to sell any preposterous-ass line with such determined sincerity. The CORE OF THE EARTH has STOPPED SPINNING, you guys. We have to go to the CORE of the EARTH with NUKYULAR WEAPONS. And whoever goes into the CORE...isn't going to make it OUT.
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The other thing about Iron Man, for the benefit of those contemplating seeing it? Speaking as someone who has already put a pretty picture of movie!Tony in one of my six precious icon slots and is probably going to write nutty crossover femslash about Pepper Potts, I do nevertheless wanna note that this movie has an awful lot of OH JOHN RINGO NO. I was surprised that nobody really warned me about this.
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Has anyone else noticed that Victor Laszlo totally does not care about his wife obviously still being in love with some other dude that she met in Paris when she thought he was dead? Like, I know he has other things on his mind, but he is just not the slightest bit fazed by any of this business. He's like, "Honey, do you want to tell me anything?" And Ilsa's like, "I have NO IDEA what you're talking about." And he's like, "Okay, whatevs." (Nor does he appear to give a crap at the airport. Rick is like blah blah blah me and your old lady were havin' a lot of angst over here and I Let Her Pretend, and Victor is like, cool, thanks for telling me, I totally don't care.)

[ profile] kumquatweekend, you're my go-to girl for classic movie ponderation. Thoughts? :)

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