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2010-05-25 02:08 pm

"But I thought they were going to tell us what the Island was!"

I refuse to believe that each life ends in tragedy. And I know that each life ends in death.
- Jon Carroll

This is my finale post. It's not very long. )
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2010-05-24 07:10 am
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I am so okay with that.
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2010-05-13 12:00 am
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another unpopular LOST opinion:

Well, I quite liked "Across the Sea."
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2010-05-05 11:43 am
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2010-04-07 09:29 pm
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2010-03-10 10:03 pm
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Lost fake-liveblog: "Dr. Linus"

It appears I'm only doing these for myself, but I am okay with that.

fake liveblog under the cut )

P.S. You know what becomes a lot funnier if you just watched Lost? This week's Savage Love.

P.P.S. actual episode analysis )
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2010-02-26 12:47 am
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Lost: "Lighthouse"

This is not really a liveblog, because I'm not typing while watching -- Hulu makes that kind of multitasking more difficult -- but Lost on Hulu turns out to work well for not-quite-live-blogging because I have to take WTF breaks anyway.

Wow, this turned out to be sorta long. This is what happens when I'm at home sick and I start thinking about this show:

To the Lighthouse )

(One last ETA: Is there actually any overlap left between people who have this LJ friended and people who are still watching Lost? I've been seeing the occasional Lost posts dotting my flist but I wasn't paying too close attention to who's been talking about the show since I'm always a little behind on watching it.)
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2010-02-11 12:20 am
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2009-09-10 01:28 am
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Dear Benry fans:


(You're welcome.)
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2009-05-14 12:25 pm
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Lost, "The Incident"

Okay, I got less interested during the second half of the finale so I started taking notes. They look something like this.

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2009-04-29 12:37 pm
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I'm two weeks behind on Lost and I don't really have time to catch up before watching tonight. Would somebody give me big honking relatively concise spoilers in comments, please?

(I am also trying not to get sucked into the interwebs all day, hence my reluctance to catch up by reading TwoP summaries or whatever.)