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This is not really a liveblog, because I'm not typing while watching -- Hulu makes that kind of multitasking more difficult -- but Lost on Hulu turns out to work well for not-quite-live-blogging because I have to take WTF breaks anyway.

Wow, this turned out to be sorta long. This is what happens when I'm at home sick and I start thinking about this show:

So, let's see, I am a little way past the first commercial and the show has done that thing it does once again: First I realized we were going to hang out in Jack's alternate timeline and I was like, ugggggggh, there are so few episodes left and I care about Jack so little and why am I still watching this shooooow, and then he had his moment with the appendectomy scar and it's like, oh yeah, well, he is the protagonist, perhaps he will get to solve something and some more plot will happen 'cause the plot needs to be happening a lot faster here--

And then there is alternate Jack's surly child, and I am on board with this show again and my only complaint is that there is DEFINITELY not enough time left in this season to play out all this shit that's happening in these alternate storylines properly.

On the island: Miles and Hugo are playing tic-tac-toe and generally killing time, which is cute? but I'm not sure how I feel about the trope of anyone kicking back and being an uncurious motherfucker at this point.

(I think I had a conversation with [ profile] doorrepairgirl late in season 5 when Michael Emerson was being his usual amazing self in one scene or another, and we were like, well, yeah, in canon time he was talking to his dead daughter like an hour ago, he's actually playing the character continuity, and I think when we see that kind of stuff from e.g. Ben it makes the "oh, yeah, nothing better to do in the mysterious New Others Or Whatever Camp than hang out and eat lunch" gags not really hold up so well.)

Meanwhile, island Jack is doing some stuff too.

CLAIRE! I'm just going to savor this moment of Badass Claire in case they do something stupid with her before the episode's over.

Oh yeah, Dead Jacob, have Hugo write stuff on his arm. That could not possibly go badly. I bet Hugo never perspires.

Jacob gets Jack on board with the most boring code-phrase ever, which I am guessing will turn out to mean something in re Jack's sister. (ETA: Ah, no, it was the dad. Always guess the dad first.)

Ah, possibly Badass Claire is crazy? That is... not a terrible idea, all things considered. I'd go a little crazy too.

Hm. OK. I am withholding judgment on Possibly Insane Badass Claire for the moment.

You know, despite what I just said about underplaying the stakes or whatever, I really really like this scene with Jack, Kate, and Hugo. 'Cause they just all play it in this honest, pretty calm way, especially Evangeline Lilly, where they are having this conversation at a normal pace and volume and they all know that they're at another of those places where the choice before them is kind of a big one and that frankly at any point they might not see each other alive again, and they don't need to have a whole thing about it. Again, especially Kate. This is good Kate stuff here.

OH FUCK I FORGOT JACK AND CLAIRE WERE RELATED. (I've forgotten this more than once, I think.) God, a lot of shit happened on this show!

Ohhhh I am still not sure where I stand on Claire. Let's see what happens. Also: What's so strange about Claire allegedly talking to (and being lied to by) her dead dad, I mean, all the guys have been talking to dead people, haven't they?

And again, I like this Hugo and Jack scene and Jorge Garcia's dude-ness. The stuff with the caves is far enough back that Hugo being all, "Dude, I forgot about all these dead bodies" works.

And I like alternate Jack, it might not be the world's most inventive storyline but Matthew Fox is doing a lot of good acting over in alternate world and I get the feeling he's happy to have someone to play who simply has some weighty family problems instead of someone who's been BEATEN DOWN BY SUPERNATURAL FORCES FOR SEVERAL YEARS.

Oh geez it's going to take forever to finish the episode at this rate.

We're back with Crazy Claire and it's getting repetitive. Something better happen in this scene.

Wait, yeah, Jin KNOWS where the baby is! Why did he not say so twenty minutes ago?

Ah. That would be why.

Meanwhile, in 2004: Awwww. Look, again, maybe it is my cyclical hormones talking, but I am so okay with this alternate Jack storyline. (And I just realized what David was listening to on his headphones earlier. Cute touch.)

So, the lighthouse has a mirror, eh. OH HELLO PLOT.

...okay. You know what? That was awesome. That is what Jack does best. That is stop-Locke-from-typing-in-the-code Jack, the guy who has been trying for five seasons to make some sense out of all of this. And if he can't get his answers, then fuck destiny and fuck Jacob, and fuck the mystical reality mirror.

Meanwhile, alternate Jack and David finish their storyline, which is all about Shephard-angst and not, so far, about the mytharc. Again, the writing is super on-the-nose here, but this is good work from Matthew Fox and Dylan Minnette who let's remember has only been on this show for half an hour. And here's the thing:

It seems like what's happening in the alternate universe so far is that one by one people are getting arcs where they deal with what we know to be their Big Issues, and do a pretty good job of working through them on normal terms instead of through smoke monsters and polar bears. That's very interesting to me and I hope it's going to pay off interestingly as well.

(It's also a place where I part ways with some of the other feminist commentary on the season so far: Tiger Beatdown et al seem to be assuming that we're "supposed to" be sad about what little we've seen happen with Sun/Jin in the alternate universe, but the changes for everyone else have been overwhelmingly positive, so I wouldn't be so sure that Sun's choice in that airport scene is "supposed to" read as a negative development.)

Jacob Jacob blah blah destinycakes.

Ohhhh, Jin. Jin, you are -- not making a good call here. This is not going to go well.

HA. I kind of called that last development too, although I wasn't quite sharp enough to guess specifically that Esau was the "friend" (yes, I am going to keep calling Jacob's counterpart "Esau" until they give him a name).

Well. So much for going to bed early. Such is fandom.

I hope there's more History Teacher Ben next week. I can't imagine what they're going to do with him, but it's not impossible that it'll be something good. (P.S. Dear Damon and Carlton: Thanks so much for reminding me that gayness is a joke. I had momentarily forgotten. GFY.)

Also we presumably have alternate Juliet to look forward to eventually, yay.

(One last ETA: Is there actually any overlap left between people who have this LJ friended and people who are still watching Lost? I've been seeing the occasional Lost posts dotting my flist but I wasn't paying too close attention to who's been talking about the show since I'm always a little behind on watching it.)

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