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I refuse to believe that each life ends in tragedy. And I know that each life ends in death.
- Jon Carroll

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Frigging EVERY show I don't watch has someone named "Chuck" in it.
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It appears I'm only doing these for myself, but I am okay with that.

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P.S. You know what becomes a lot funnier if you just watched Lost? This week's Savage Love.

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uh huh.

Feb. 26th, 2010 10:09 am
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Showrunner Hart Hanson on Bones:
The two main characters are timeless. Basically, it’s Spock and Captain Kirk, for those of you who are old enough for that. Aubrey and Maturin, for those of you who are older. One is a scientist and thinks very rationally, and the other is an extremely emotional, intuitive person. Little tricks, we swapped the roles, so the guy is the girl and the girl is the guy.

1) Oh! You had a clever idea to make the LADY the RATIONAL one and the DUDE the INTUITIVE one! Congratulations. You've invented THE FUCKING X-FILES.

1a) I mean, it's bad enough that this wacky gender switcheroo was presented as a clever twist in the first place, back when XF first aired, seventeen years ago.

2) the transcriber points out, Spock, Kirk, Aubrey, and Maturin are all men. Even if we are giving a lot of leeway for tongue-in-cheek-ness in his tone (a lot of the talk is a sorta cheeky commentary on how being on network TV in America means not doing a whole lot that runs counter to what the broad audience finds comfortable), there is no reading of this that makes sense.

3) Which brings me to, though, the question that this now inspires: What are all these shows where there's an unpredictable emotional intuitive lady having adventures or solving mysteries or whatever with a hard-headed scientist dude? Besides the last two seasons of XF, in which Doggett and Reyes, I guess, "swapped" the "gender roles" back to intuitive-woman-skeptical-man in contrast with Scully and Mulder.

Anyone? I have been turning this over in my head and I've kind of actually got nothing.
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This is not really a liveblog, because I'm not typing while watching -- Hulu makes that kind of multitasking more difficult -- but Lost on Hulu turns out to work well for not-quite-live-blogging because I have to take WTF breaks anyway.

Wow, this turned out to be sorta long. This is what happens when I'm at home sick and I start thinking about this show:

To the Lighthouse )

(One last ETA: Is there actually any overlap left between people who have this LJ friended and people who are still watching Lost? I've been seeing the occasional Lost posts dotting my flist but I wasn't paying too close attention to who's been talking about the show since I'm always a little behind on watching it.)
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(...I mean while I'm finishing Yuletide. Yeah, that's the ticket.)

So, am I to understand that, canonically, the principal Muppets the same apartment building in New York City?

Am I alone in finding this weird?


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And I haven't even had time to mention Sunday's shocking gay kiss in this space! What is the world coming to?


Dec. 3rd, 2008 11:18 pm
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Was Hodgman in a pretty good mood on TDS tonight, or what? I don't think I've seen him a) lose his deadpan on TV or b) crack Jon Stewart up before. (I think the whole Daily Show Media Empire is still feeling kinda loopy where domestic news is concerned. I find it highly entertaining.)

Also, I was sad that the perfectly good "you're not supposed to know things" joke died such a death. All in the timing?
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1) Rebel Without A Cause, which, no, I had not seen before; I have on numerous occasions tried to rent and watch it and various things kept happening to prevent my seeing it to the point that I had nearly become superstitious. Anyway, it's everything [ profile] kumquatweekend said it was and I love it to pieces. Also it's a completely different movie from the one that we are led to imagine from its cultural status--and a much more interesting one, to boot. Pop-cultural osmosis, you have failed me. (Pop-cultural Moses failed me as well.)

2) The TV movie Not Only But Always... which I happened upon at Scarecrow Video. I think this may be a shippier work of television biopic than even The Two of Us, although I did not watch the latter all the way through. More than once I had to flail my arms at the screen and be all like, "Dear Channel Four: PLEASE STOP MAKING ME SHIP PETER COOK/DUDLEY MOORE. It is NOT APPROPRIATE SERIOUSLY."

3) I'm halfway through watching The Four Feathers, an underrated adventure movie with a young-and-hungry Heath Ledger (I'm pretty much cribbing [ profile] twistedchick's description, I think). But what I wanted to say is that there's one trailer on the DVD and it's for The Core, of all things, that ridiculous sci-fi movie with Aaron Eckhart! At least it looks ridiculous, I never saw it, but I almost want to now, just to enjoy Aaron Eckhart's evident ability to sell any preposterous-ass line with such determined sincerity. The CORE OF THE EARTH has STOPPED SPINNING, you guys. We have to go to the CORE of the EARTH with NUKYULAR WEAPONS. And whoever goes into the CORE...isn't going to make it OUT.
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Ooh! Fic challenge at the Harem!

But also for some reason it made me really happy to see this dry administrative post show up on my flist today (at the end of the Day of the Project Make Women Uncomfortable Wank, coincidentally), adjacent to the challenge:

The complete list of X-Files "other women" appearances by episode, compiled and reposted by Maidenjedi.

You know that FUCK YOU, SHE'S AWESOME meme? It kind of makes me think of that. Even though the "Harem" isn't so active anymore, I remember how influential it was on me back in the mailing list days, when I was starting to look in a new way at various characters who just happened for some strange reason to be very unpopular with fandom at large-- Marita "Unablonder" Covarrubias, say, or Diana freakin' Fowley.

Actually, I remember being a wee bit surprised myself when I first signed up to the Harem list and discovered how many fans Agent Fowley had; I think it hadn't yet quite occurred to me that not hating her was a truly viable response to the text. But in short order I realized that FUCK YOU SHE'S AWESOME.

Also Cassandra Spender.

(Jeffrey Spender eventually became an honorary woman for our purposes, I recall, but I don't think I'm awake enough to say anything clever about that.)


May. 20th, 2007 05:54 pm
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Okay, fine, internet: What happened on Grey's Anatomy? I don't watch that show, but I want to know why peeps are all in a tizzy.
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Doesn't anyone have S3 of Slings & Arrows taped? I'm so afeard that people will come along and spoil me before I can see it...
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Okay, I have a question about Frank and Cyril. (I'll put it under a cut since there's a bit of incidental information from Season 2, but nothing truly spoilery.)

Note: I have not yet seen Season 3, so if the answer is "Oh, they explain that in Season 3," please do go ahead and say that. And, you know, say only that. :)

Beseech you, sir, were you present at this relation? )
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Okay, so, I saw this icon on some comment thread? And it's a pretty normal Firefly icon? Except that when I first saw it, for a couple seconds, I thought the people in it were River Tam and Dr. James Wilson.

And then I kinda kept thinking about it.

Oh dear.
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Oh my god! Is Tucker Carlson in a FEUD with Anderson Cooper? I really only see about ten minutes of The Situation (or Tucker! THE MUSICAL or whatever it's going to be called now) in a given month, but apparently he totally has it in for Anderson Cooper because he's. . . not a Real Journalist.

(And then they did a piece about Albert Einstein's extramarital affairs that somehow also resulted in Tucker singing a snippet from the Brady Bunch theme song.)

[ profile] pauraque, you watch this crap too, did you see whatever segment Tucker did about Anderson not being Edward R. Murrow that had the Anderfans in such a (surprisingly understated and historically accurate) tizzy? I am so, so amused.

ETA: I found it! What the hell is he doing? I think maybe he's trying to create a feud in the Olbermann-O'Reilly mold? Or something? Whatever, it's hilarious. Meanwhile an [ profile] ohnotheydidnt commenter provides an impromptu, unintentional fame audit for Tucker Carlson:

Isnt that the guy who got bitched out by someone? I want to say it was Jon Stewart? Anywho, this dude's a douche.

([ profile] likethesun2, I am totally working on that thing. I just had to get to the bottom of this vitally important breaking news first.)