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It appears I'm only doing these for myself, but I am okay with that.

As with the last one I did, this is not only not a liveblog because I'm watching the show a day after it airs, it is also not "live" because I am mostly typing it up during my [frequent] WTF breaks.

Like, for instance, right now, when Alex shows up at her history teacher's house to ask about History Club. Okay. She is a sixteen-year-old girl and she is showing up at a teacher's house and, like, she's not a vampire slayer, so, uh.

What I'm saying is, I don't think anyone in the writers' room stopped to ask if this was a sign of an appropriate teacher-student relationship. But if Sideways Ben WERE having an inappropriate relationship with Sideways Alex, I would be fairly impressed with them for going there.

Okay, back to the scene. ...private tutoring for Sideways Alex. Okay. You just go ahead and do that.

Back to the island, where nothing is happening. Ah, there's "candidate" exposition. Some of this makes me feel like I did near the end of HP7 where there was all kinds of bullshit about wand ownership that was suddenly crucial to the plot and I had no emotional investment in it.


Faffamem of the evening: "At least he's not Stalin" is, I am pretty sure, not what Jack just said.

Oh, good, is she going to make Ben explain? Because I've been thinking it might be good for Ben to share information at this point -- oh, wait, actually, saying that makes me realize that that's not what Ben does, is it.

Okay, but seriously, now would be a good time to EXPLAIN, Ben. I mean. This is information that concerns not only your survival but everyone's and also the mytharc, yes? Ilana would find this information valuable, yes? WHAT IS GOING ON.

So far I feel like the sideways plot is kind of a waste of a perfectly good Michael Emerson.

Hello, Ben. Are you going to try in some way to get out of this yet? Is this going to make sense at the end of the episode?

That was your attempt to get out of this? BRIBE MILES? Ah, a Nikki and Paulo callback, that's definitely what we needed to make time for tonight.

The boat!

Poor Richard. Poor, poor Richard.

I am interested to see how the Sideways Ben plot plays out. My theory about everyone in the sideways universe dealing at least somewhat successfully with their main issues was jossed last week, so I don't have a prediction at this stage.

On the island, Ben keeps digging. I keep waiting for him to make some kind of genuine attempt at self-preservation.

Whoa! Okay. So that's how Richard came to the island.

Jack. Jack. Jack. I hope that "If he wants to die, there's nothing we can do to stop him" is not something you were taught in med school.

Huh. All right, Jack, you get points for this. If I were judging just by this episode, you'd seem to have more of a clue how to get things done than anyone else on this island.

Okay, Nestor Carbonell. Let's make this good. Bring it on home.

Ah, I was expecting The Story and/or Death of Richard, but it was not to be. Jack, though, continues to get points for figuring shit out, including, essentially, betting his life on the theory that he's the protagonist of this show.

Well, I mean, he's right, isn't he?

More digging. PLEASE don't let this be the episode in which Ben actually dies? Because this is pathetic.

Ben is saved, for now, by Esau Ex Machina.

Sideways Ben's plot is so ridiculous. Psssssst guys there are schools other than Yale, not going to Yale does not destroy your future, also if Alex can email the principal then she can also email Ben instead of showing up at his house, also, just, what?

Oh no. Come on. We're in the last ten minutes of the episode, which so far this season has been when the bad stuff stops and the POLAR BEAR stuff kicks in. But Ben "knows what she's feeling" oh this is not going to be good. Oh god Ben's going to die, isn't he.

Oh god tinkly music and ALL TEXT NO SUBTEXT and oh god Ben's going to die

"Because he's the only one that'll have me"




Ilana -- what?

Oh, show!

(Hey, sideways plot, you know that students don't get to read their letters of recommendation, right? You have to know that, because that previous ridiculous scene depended on it. Oh well.)

Awwww finally some hugging

Great little shot of Richard regarding the sea


Right. 9:55 PM CST on 3/10/2010, I am placing my bet: The end of this series, whatever its faults (which will probably include lots of painfully on-the-nose TV Writing, plenty of loose ends, and a few more plot elements as ridiculous as the Evil-O-Meter from last week), will at the very least be more satisfying than the end of Battlestar freakin' Galactica.

P.S. You know what becomes a lot funnier if you just watched Lost? This week's Savage Love.

P.P.S. Because I forgot to put down my actual thoughts on the Island Ben plot after seeing the whole thing:

I See What You Did Thar, show.

I spent 40 minutes going, "Why doesn't Ben explain?" in my literal-ass way, thinking that we were stuck in an Idiot Plot because Ben, a guy with, y'know, good self-preservation skills, was failing to give Ilana the story of why logistically he wound up killing Jacob, with the fake-ghost body-switching trickery and all that. I imagine I was not alone in thinking this.

Then Ben at last tells Ilana that he wants to "explain." But what he wants to explain is not how it totally wasn't his fault. (And what good would that have done him, anyway -- if he'd given her that story back on the beach she'd have shot him for killing Jacob, then shot him again for letting Esau fool him, then shot him a third time for pretending he could have been "tricked" into killing Jacob if he hadn't already, in some way, wanted to.)

Instead he tells her the thing he's guarded more closely than anything ever -- his failure and shame, the knowledge that he was wrong -- and does it without expecting her to do anything for him in return. And she takes him back to the beach.

So there's some stuff going on there.

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