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For a while there you couldn't find the Exit 57 sketch "Down in the Basement" online anywhere, presumably because it was, for some strange reason, far more popular online than any other Exit 57 sketch ever and Viacom must have gotten all copyrighty about it.

But apparently you can't stop the music, because it's back! For the moment, anyway.
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I was so excited for about fifteen seconds about the existence of a tender acoustic ballad cover of "Poker Face" by some dude, and I was so disappointed to find that he had regendered the lyrics to keep it straight (well, as straight as it ever was).

So here, have the version of "You Oughta Know" that I wish that dude's cover of "Poker Face" were more analogous to.

(...or, wait, is he keeping "Poker Face" queer by changing the pronouns? Is it now about a dude picking up a girl and secretly fantasizing about dudes? Somehow it doesn't really come through that way. Mostly I think he doesn't know what the song is about.)

WAIT, you know what someone SERIOUSLY HAS TO DO with this dude's[1] cover of "Poker Face". OCEAN'S ELEVEN VID Y/Y?

[1] Yes, I now know he is a dude who was on "American Idol" at some point.
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1. [ profile] doorrepairgirl, I note that this contains some Battle of the Smithsonian clips that feed your OTP.

2. I watched twenty minutes of American Idol tonight and I think that'll hold me for another couple years.

3. Oh dear, I was quite looking forward to the crazy weird uber-slashy Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes until I actually saw the trailer. Considering my recent experiences with promising-ness of trailers vs. actual interest level of the film when I actually see it (hint: it has not been a strong correlation) I think I will just ignore the trailer and continue looking forward to the movie.
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Resolved: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford may well be the Last Great Homoerotic Western. (If you'd asked me, I would probably have guessed that Brokeback Mountain had pretty much broken that genre.)

OTOH, maybe it's not really a western? It's like The Talented Mr. Ripley had a love-child with Deadwood on a big ol' bed of Greek idealized male love.
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I was amused by this music video even though I don't know anything about Supernatural, so since everybody has suddenly gotten into that show, I thought I should share it with the flist. . .

On an unrelated note, something I think will be nice about living on the east coast, if I manage to do that next year, is that if I'm feeling emo after midnight, I'll know people who are in a time zone where it's before midnight and I'll have somebody to talk to.

Also, happy Independence Day, everybody. Hope you celebrated well and safely.


May. 26th, 2006 06:14 pm
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This happened on the American Idol finale, which I would not have known if the producers of Countdown weren't crazy fanpersons with a secret slasher streak hadn't brought it to our attention. It's some fellow getting a special moment in the spotlight with some singer that people apparently care about.

I'm kidding--I do, in fact, know who Ryan Seacrest and Clay Aiken are, and having that information does compound by many degrees of magnitude how GAY this clip is, and it was already GAYER THAN EIGHT GUYS BLOWING NINE GUYS.

Is this show like that frequently? Is that why you're all watching it? Because if it is, I'm sold.
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Hahahahaha, that was SO HOMOSEXUAL.

I don't know if I can handle the style of it in the long term, but OMG THE GAY.

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