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As entertaining as the results of trying to google this have been so far, they have not turned up the story I was looking for, so: What's the story where John and Rodney accidentally get into a BDSM relationship?

(ETA: Thanks to alert reader [personal profile] aris_tgd, we find that the story is Too Good, by [ profile] crysothemis.)

The reason I'm asking is that in the latest Dear Sugar column we learn that THIS CAN REALLY HAPPEN.

Is this or is this not the best thing you've heard all day?
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You know, with other shows, when I say "That episode felt just like fanfic" I don't mean it as a high compliment.
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Don't tell me I was the only one thinking this while watching "McKay and Mrs. Miller".
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Dude, [ profile] thingswithwings's Atlantis jokes post is made of win, and you should revisit the comment thread if you only read it when it was first posted, 'cause it's still going...

When Ronon Dex does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing Atlantis down.
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The Pegasus Tinies is basically the awesomest thing. Rodney is my favorite.

Also: Misgivings Rise Along With Antarctican Tourism. 1) There's tourism in Antarctica? 2) Okay, who wants to write that fic?
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The Post-Trinity Phenomenon.

I have nothing to say about this. I don't even care about Post-Trinity fic. But I nonetheless laughed for like ten minutes, so if you have watched SGA at least up to "Trinity" and you, like, have even the vaguest awareness of slash tropes, you may laugh as well.
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Oh, crap. Is this why I got so interested in Reservoir Dogs when I saw it again?

And then Quentin Tarantino talks about how he wanted a female editor on his first movie, Reservoir Dogs, because he thought she'd be more nurturing and less aggressive, and -

Okay. First, Best Beloved says, "Mommy issues! Quentin, your mommy issues are showing."

And then I say, "Is it just me, or does he talk exactly like Rodney McKay?"

It's so true, dude. Although I can't really imagine Rodney McKay explaining how "Like A Virgin" is all about dick.


Feb. 13th, 2006 12:59 am
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Dear fandom:

ZPM is spelled ZPM, no matter who's saying it, unless you need to make a special point of its pronunciation. Americans pronounce the letter "zee," and Canadians pronounce it "zed." We know this already, and if we didn't know it before we started watching the show, we know it now, because we watch the show.

If Rodney were saying "about," you wouldn't spell it "aboot." When Rodney discusses a ZPM, he is not saying "Zed PM," he is saying "ZPM." He would be very annoyed at your treating his accent as if he were not pronouncing things the way they are spelled.

Thank you.
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Hey, [ profile] doorrepairgirl!

Apparently I really ought to finish that ridiculous little fic where Rodney et al are sitting around making snide comments while watching ST:TNG and bothering Shep who's kind of trying to watch it, because I am Teh Psychic.

Also, sorry about hanging up on you the other night; it was the beginning of the ongoing miserable failure of the hotel's internet connection, and I am now updating from the Starbucks down the road.


Aug. 13th, 2005 10:17 pm
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Am I the last person in SG:A fandom to notice that Craig Veroni's wife's last name is MCKAY?

P.S. Plz do not say anything to me about anything that has happened on any Sci-Fi Friday series seeing as I will not be able to catch up on them until like four weeks from now.

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