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Concession, a novella-length Iron Man (movieverse) story by [personal profile] obsession_inc, is the most unputdownable thing I've read in some time.

Christine Everhart does her job, in a chilling mystery/suspense plot that goes AU after the first movie. It is deftly constructed, sharply characterized, intelligent and disturbing and altogether believable in terms of the canon on which it draws. To say more would be to give away too much.
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Well, You Walked Into The Party... by [ profile] mclittlebitch (Harry Lockhart/Tony Stark, NC-17).

The thing about Noir is, the hero never gets the girl. Alright, sometimes he ends up with the Gal Friday, but considering I’m basically fulfilling that function for Perry at the moment, I’d rather not think about the implications of that one. There is guy-on-guy action in this story, but it’s not me and him. Shit, I just gave away the whole thing, you’d think I’d be better at this narration stuff by now.
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The other thing about Iron Man, for the benefit of those contemplating seeing it? Speaking as someone who has already put a pretty picture of movie!Tony in one of my six precious icon slots and is probably going to write nutty crossover femslash about Pepper Potts, I do nevertheless wanna note that this movie has an awful lot of OH JOHN RINGO NO. I was surprised that nobody really warned me about this.

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