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You guys. Lyonnesse is an amazingly spot-on post-canon story for William Gibson's Bigend trilogy (Pattern Recognition/Spook Country/Zero History). I love the style, the characters, the worldview, the vocabulary, basically everything, and if I were to check my Twitter feed on reveal day to find William Gibson confessing that he had slipped into Yuletide incognito and written it himself I would not be at all surprised.

The very young label rep had spoken over the phone, apologetically, of porousness. Not so much breaches of security as a molecular digestion of boundaries, in an era where the warp and woof of sensitive diplomatic correspondence were indistinguishable from those of pirated Lady Gaga singles. Curfew fans were the very demographic to believe that information wanted to be free, if rocks could be said to want to be downhill, and the spirit of indie rock lacked the budget and will to stand in their way. Hollis got the impression that this had been a stealth marketing initiative, at some sub-Bigend level, or an informal request for proposals.
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Concession, a novella-length Iron Man (movieverse) story by [personal profile] obsession_inc, is the most unputdownable thing I've read in some time.

Christine Everhart does her job, in a chilling mystery/suspense plot that goes AU after the first movie. It is deftly constructed, sharply characterized, intelligent and disturbing and altogether believable in terms of the canon on which it draws. To say more would be to give away too much.
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I know everyone else has seen the BSG shot-for-shot remake of the "Sabotage" video by now, but you all neglected to tell me about it.


Dec. 25th, 2009 11:07 am
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Ahahaha. You guys. Look[1] what I got: The Wrath of Jon, 30 Rock, gen. The arcane mysteries of NBC; also pie. Mostly Jonathan-POV, which is a twisted and hilarious pair of eyes indeed.

Jonathan's only regret was that he didn't know what happened after the door closed. There were rumors, passed down in handwritten notes from assistants past, and now exchanged by the current assistants of the building on a closed instant messaging network, rumors of dark magics and bloody rituals and arm-wrestling matches overseen by Jay Leno. But nobody really knew how ownership of Max Weinberg was decided.

Thank you so much, anonymous! I am cackling to myself in the middle of our Xmas-strewn living room and hoping I am not called upon to explain this to the fam.


[1] possibly you should look sometime later this afternoon or tomorrow, since it took me five tries to get it to load and now I can't get back to it to leave a comment. YULETIDE: WE ARE LEGION
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Uncommon by [ profile] doorrepairgirl.

So what seems like quite a long time ago [ profile] doorrepairgirl set out to make a Noo Trek vid to Shatner's cover of "Common People". At last it is here! and I looove it. It's smart and funny and has an actual narrative, and she pulls off some pretty cool stuff with POV once Joe Jackson's verse ("Like a dog lying in a corner...") kicks in. (Not all of which I caught the first time around, but I've watched it a few times while waiting for her to finish posting.)

It's sort of Kirk/Spock -- sort of. Look, just watch it. You won't be sorry.

Trek again

May. 23rd, 2009 03:00 pm
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I just think it's very, very telling that the two standout deeply aesthetically appropriate vids (that I'm aware of) for reboot Trek so far are [ profile] butterfly's Circus (Britney Spears) and [ profile] talitha78's Poker Face (Lady Gaga).

That is all.
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The Most Lamentable Comedy of Richard Smith-Jones (Slings & Arrows!) by [ profile] isiscolo, because this is the essence of Richard and his relationships with everybody/New Burbage/theater/himself, set to Smash Mouth's "All Star" (which you will recognize as the perfect song choice when you watch the vid). It's smart and quite character-arc-y and sly.
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1. I made this half-pony, half-monkey monster to please you!
Skullcrusher Mountain (Lost), by [ profile] kassrachel. Honestly, if you're familiar with the song and the show, you're probably on board with this already. This vid is pretty much the platonic form of what a Ben-Linus-centric vid to "Skullcrusher Mountain" could be.

2. (and you keep imagining that pretty soon you will just disappear)
Here for Now (Life), by [ profile] mayatawi. Now, I don't usually watch vids for shows I'm not already watching, but I love this song (and have it on the iTunes playlist for practically everything I'm writing right now), so I had to check out the vid. It's a very well-edited, dramatically compelling vid, and I'm sure it's as true to the spirit of the show as it is to the song.

3. Only question I ever thought was hard was do I like Kirk or do I like Picard?
"White" and Nerdy (Psych), by [ profile] talitha78. I love this. It's simultaneously a hilarious celebration of why Gus is so thoroughly awesome and a really trenchant work of RaceFail-inspired commentary. Must-see TV.
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I should probably do a Yuletide post, huh?

I want to say thank you to my lovely writer for An Alan Smithee Sequel! Most Kiss Kiss Bang Bang fic I've seen in the past has centered on Harry n' Perry and often made Harmony look ditzy; it seems pretty clear to me that she has interesting stories of her own and she's the smartest person in that movie, so I asked my Secret Santa to give Harmony something to do. :) And they delivered, shining a light on Harmony in a quirky OT3 story with additional material from Harry complaining about her narration skills. ("Hi, this is Harry, Harry Lockhart, you may remember me from such narration as That Movie That Nobody Saw.") Thank you, mystery person! Here's to Yuletide.

And here's an assortment of other recs that happen to be open in my browser, selected semi-randomly from the UNBELIEVABLE volume of good fic this year:

Recs in Strangers with Candy, Holmes, archy and mehitabel, Sandman, 30 Rock, Casablanca, 3rd Rock, Transmet )
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The common thread between these two recs is that all I have to do is give a brief sort of log-line description of the item at hand and you will instantly understand how awesome it is, and you will be correct.

1) It's a Firefly vid. The title is Secret Asian Man.

2) Actually I think all that's necessary to promote Better A Fallen Rocket is to repeat the description [ profile] likethesun2 gave me over Indian food when she was working on it: "Geoffrey's in the mental institution, where the only person who visits him is Cheryl, and he's staging a production of Tom Stoppard's The Invention of Love in his head."
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Well, You Walked Into The Party... by [ profile] mclittlebitch (Harry Lockhart/Tony Stark, NC-17).

The thing about Noir is, the hero never gets the girl. Alright, sometimes he ends up with the Gal Friday, but considering I’m basically fulfilling that function for Perry at the moment, I’d rather not think about the implications of that one. There is guy-on-guy action in this story, but it’s not me and him. Shit, I just gave away the whole thing, you’d think I’d be better at this narration stuff by now.
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Trying to Communicate. Torchwood meets LOLcats, but not in the way you think. BRILLIANT.

(I have still never seen an episode of Torchwood, by the way.)
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Extremely awesome Buffy vid that I expect will be recced and talked about all over the place, if it isn't already: Origin Stories by Gianduja Kiss. Lyrics here. (Via [ profile] trisfic's rec.)

Summary: It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat.
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Now with authors!

More Yuuuuletide:

Erotophonophilia (Wire in the Blood, Tony/Carol, explicit), by [ profile] lozenger8. I wish there'd been more fic like this back when I was actually keeping up with WitB. It's a tough series to write for, what with the canon het OTP, and the violence and dark sexual frankness of the canon, and quite particular character voices. This story does all of that very well.

The Mantle and the Maid (TH White - The Once and Future King), by [ profile] eponis. Kay, illuminated by a clever and poignant retelling of an Arthurian myth. Featuring a lovely cameo by Maid Marian.

There's No Rainbow Bridge Across the Generation Gap (Norse Mythology), by [ profile] mattador. Although this witty, creepy Loki story is an original one, not drawn from the plot or characterization of any of the pop-cultural Lokis I know of, it has what I'd call a Gaimanesque feel--maybe leaning toward the Douglas-Adams-y satirical end of the spectrum.

Playing Nice (Night at the Museum), by [ profile] doorrepairgirl. "Hey, guys, how's the standing in lines and holding spears? Better than last night?" I never actually saw this movie, but this is a charming, imaginative story that sort of reminds me of that Bill & Ted story from last year, the one that made Socrates/Billy the Kid everyone's OTP for a day.

Triplicate (Assassins), by [ profile] phoenixchilde. Sharp, weird little piece giving voice to the women of Assassins, which is a pretty obscure musical as Sondheim shows go. I haven't seen this recced much, and I hope it's getting due attention from the relatively small number of people who will know what the heck it's on about. The Squeaky Fromme section is my favorite. ETA: Interesting coincidence...

Natural Theology (Mister Rogers's Neighborhood) by [ profile] wisdomeagle. To describe it would, I think, be to spoil it.

ETA: As always, there's good Hitchhikers fic this year. I liked Reunification for its great Ford & Arthur interaction and witty voices (and liked it more than enough to ignore what look to me like Americanisms in the dialogue I'm the only stupid American here--it's by [ profile] daegaer! *hangs head in shame*). Plus, bloody Martin Smith from Croydon. :)

And! There's the lovely, funny, bittersweet Fast Away the Old Year Passes (Blackadder Goes Forth) by jimmy jazz, with an excellent Darling POV. I also like it because it put me in mind of the first Yuletide gift I ever received, so I went back to read that one again. Yayfor.

Damn, Yuletide is big! There are whole fandoms I'm saving for a rainy day...


Dec. 30th, 2007 12:17 am
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Now with authors!

Dude, everyone was right about Those That Play Your Clowns it's SO GOOD. And I thought I had it narrowed down to a couple of you guys, not that I have everyone who writes S&A friended but I still had a preeeetty good idea who the culprit was...but now I think everyone I guessed for it either has recced it or--you damn kids and your "finals"--didn't actually do Yuletide this year. I'll have to go combing through y'all's recs again to make sure. (PS GO READ IT)
Oh, of course it's by [ profile] tangleofthorns. (I called it, but only because [ profile] mandysbitch gave me a hint.)

Oh, and while we're here, another Black Books rec, and all your girlfriends are unfulfilled and alienated by [ profile] hobviously. (It's not a complete non-sequitur. I have occasionally described Bernard Black as being not unlike an Irish Geoffrey Tennant without the talent.) I'll just repeat the comment I left on it: It's very funny and canon-like, but also finds another angle on the show that's more grown-up and bittersweet while still in character. I think this is now my personal canon for what happened that fateful night.
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Now with authors!

Last year I tried to wait until I had all my [ profile] yuletide recs ready, and then I never posted them. So I think I'll just start now--with a selection from the end of the fandom alphabet! More to come (likely including more from some of these fandoms, and others from # to Z).

Composite (Warai no Daigaku aka University of Laughs) by [ profile] jamjar. This is--as I think [ profile] keiko_kirin put it--a "noner-than-nonesuch fandom". I'm pretty sure this story increased the amount of posted fanfic in the English language for this movie/play by 50%. How fortunate this tiny fandom is, then, that its tiny body of extant fic has been written with such fidelity to canon, tenderness and bittersweet humor.

The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten (The Simpsons) by [ profile] meyerlemon. I know everybody and their dog has already recced this; that's because it's BRILLIANT. It's fuuuuuucking brilliant.

There's an absolute ass-ton of Slings & Arrows this year. I've barely begun to work my way through it, but for those of you who have not yet heard (both of you!) there's a lot of wonderful stuff in this fandom this year, and it's not all Geoffrey/Ellen(/Oliver)(/Darren), either.

What Price Freedom? (Strangers With Candy--Noblet/Jellineck, explicit) by [ profile] kahvi. Down in the basement! He didn't have to worry about what other people would think, because as a homeless criminal male prostitute, they already despised him. There need to be so many more comments on this story, like, right now.

I Am Therefore You Think (Red Dwarf) by [ profile] kitt. They were being led to their own destruction by a lunatic with curry for brains. It's at my outer limit for acceptable schmoopiness in this canon, which is to say not very schmoopy at all. Great Rimmer POV.

The Jimmie Situation (Pulp Fiction) by [ profile] kormantic. Delivers just what the title promises--a Jules n' Jimmie backstory that totally works. The character voices are so spot on, it could be a DVD extra.

Mise en Scène (The Persuaders--Danny/Brett, as if it needed to be said) by joandarck. Yay yay yay. Who has relationship talks while injuring art thieves with projectile heirlooms? DANNY AND BRETT DO.

ETA: The Strange and Not Entirely Ineffective Courting of Jon Stewart by Stephen T. Colbert (The Colbert Report) by [ profile] sparky77. (It's under "RPF - Punditslash", but I'm calling it TCR fic, since it definitely involves "Stephen Colbert", not Stephen Colbert.) He woke up late the next day. There were twenty messages on his voice mail. Seven of them were from George Clooney. That was never a good sign. It's uh, hahahahaha, oh just read it.

Short cuts, because the smaller treats need love too:

And All the Roads (Nip/Tuck) by [ profile] ceares. Relatively quiet and perhaps the least angst-ridden Nip/Tuck fic in existence--yet still well-characterized, with the ring of truth.

Temptation (Pulp Fiction) by [ profile] xochiquetzl. Dead-on little Vincent and Mia scene.

Better Than A Poke in the Eye (Red Dwarf) by [ profile] megthelegend. I nearly missed the punchline of this story at first, because I'm slow. But: Ha!

P Is For ? (Sesame Street) by [ profile] mtgat. A short, immature stocking stuffer. C'mon, you know you want to look.

(Note: I cannot in good conscience exactly recommend the Sesame Street story Why Sex Ed Should Stay in Schools by [ profile] greenspine, which is this year's Slave Bear Of Care-A-Lot, but for those of you who like that sort of thing, that is definitely the sort of thing you will like.)


Dec. 25th, 2007 07:57 am
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So, back in October, some impish whim (Impish Whim, wasn't he Harriet Vane's lawyer?) led me to make this request:

As Black Books fandom is too small to have cliches of its own, I think the Black Books take on some imported fanfic cliche--"Pretend to be gay", say, or "Aliens make them do it", or one of your own favorites--would be highly entertaining.

And then I forgot all about it until I saw what my [ profile] yuletide Santa had brung me.

The Cable Guys (Black Books, PG-13ish). Aliens make Bernard and Manny do it. Sort of. NO WAIT COME BACK. It's very funny, and it's very Bernard n' Manny. \o/ as the kids say.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love Yuletide.
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[ profile] orangesparks wrote me Misguidance (NewsRadio! Matthew! Bill! OMG!) for [ profile] sitcomathon. I'm very happy about this. Joe Bob says check it out.
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[ profile] doorrepairgirl! Look! [ profile] keiko_kirin wrote the Persuaders slash that we've all been waiting for. Wisecracks! Romance! Intrigue! The English countryside! Go and read it--it's like an episode they forgot to film.

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