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Oh, fine. Does anyone have a Dreamwidth code to spare?

ETA: 'Kay, I'm on DW with the same username. I'm basically planning to use it to comment on fic (seeing as I'm barely in fandom as it is).

Hey kids

Jan. 6th, 2009 12:12 am
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I'm gonna have to trim down my flist soon; if I take you off, it doesn't mean I hate you, it just means I'm not reading your LJ anymore, which is not, I hope, a value judgment on either of us. (You should always feel free to friend or defriend me at will, incidentally. I think the social baggage of the "friendslist" is, not to put too fine a point on it, PERPOSTERICE.)
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Sure, I'll do this one. Give me a fandom or character(s) in that fandom and I'll serve up some unpopular opinions. Not that I'm active enough in most fandoms to know what the popular opinions are, but I'll give it a go!

Fandoms: Slings & Arrows, M*A*S*H, Harry Potter, X-Files, The West Wing, Hitch-Hiker's Guide, Dirk Gently, Homicide: Life on the Street, Stargate: Atlantis, most major Tom Stoppard plays, Sports Night, Star Wars, Star Trek except for Enterprise, the Tarantinoverse, the Askewniverse, Hellblazer sorta, most Neil Gaiman things, Lucifer (the Vertigo series), most Shakespeare plays, The Persuaders!, The Prisoner, Sherlock Holmes, Casablanca, Highlander, Black Books...

You know, the usual.
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Extremely awesome Buffy vid that I expect will be recced and talked about all over the place, if it isn't already: Origin Stories by Gianduja Kiss. Lyrics here. (Via [ profile] trisfic's rec.)

Summary: It's Nikki Wood's fucking coat.
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You guys, [ profile] hth_the_first has such a good meta post about slash and queerness. Whether you agree with her conclusions or not, it's extremely worth reading.
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Clark Kent is on assignment again, so I will really not be around until mid-July. Occasional postings and mebbe even fic if I make that one thing happen, but I ain't reading the flist. Just fyi.

Meanwhile, I encourage you to participate in the unofficial Gay Bomb Challenge. You know you want to.
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See, for the last few months I have had a) no regular television access, b) no one with whom to regularly enjoy fandom qua fandom in Real Life, c) a crappy high-pressure job back in the fall and now that that's over d) non-fannish writing projects with deadlines that make me feel guilty anytime I want to open up a new file for the AU where Rodney McKay is a consulting detective in Victorian London (and makes friends with wounded Army Doctor John Sheppard newly back from Afghanistan, natch) or the time Nice Guy Eddie and Vic Vega went to Chicago to do a job and one thing kinda led to another or the hardboiled forties detective thingy with John Sheppard P.I. and McKay the county coroner . . .

Or, you know, any of that.

My only point here is that I kinda miss doing the fandom thing as much as I used to, and I am mostly keeping up and reading y'all's LJs with reasonable consistency, and I'm glad I have, you know, you guys and this whole thing around in my life even though I'm a mostly passive participant these days.

And don't discount the possibility of seeing Rodney utter the phrase "Napoleon of Crime" in this space sometime in the future. Just not, like, right now. :)

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