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As entertaining as the results of trying to google this have been so far, they have not turned up the story I was looking for, so: What's the story where John and Rodney accidentally get into a BDSM relationship?

(ETA: Thanks to alert reader [personal profile] aris_tgd, we find that the story is Too Good, by [ profile] crysothemis.)

The reason I'm asking is that in the latest Dear Sugar column we learn that THIS CAN REALLY HAPPEN.

Is this or is this not the best thing you've heard all day?
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Hey! My Yuletide story was by the excellent [ profile] inlovewithnight; thanks once again, and I hope you got something just as delightful for your own gift.

Normally this would be the post where I reveal what story I wrote, but I didn't write one. For the first time in six years of Yuletide-ing, I defaulted due to Real Life, and as Real Life progressed through mid-December the decision to do so turned out to be an even better call than I'd anticipated. (My would-be recipient was handily taken care of by the pinch-hit list and got the Lord John Grey slash that she really wanted and I would not have been able to provide, so there's another Yuletide success story there.)

I have, however, seen Sherlock Holmes twice now (and -- pace [ profile] hradzka -- found it moderately less gay than all this media fracas had led me to expect[1]) and I know what I want to vid it to when I'm up for cranking out fanworks again...

[1] Okay, to be fair, anything short of going Full Brokeback would have been less gay than all this media fracas was leading us to expect. I'm not complaining about the endless clips of RDJ and Jude Law getting frisky on red carpets and the fantastic spectacle of Michael Medved's head exploding over the steamy Holmes/Watson scenes in his imagination, but was it really THAT slow of an entertainment-news cycle this autumn?
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We have the flu.

Actually I think I am slowly mending, though I am not yet mentally acute enough to do things like tackle [ profile] likethesun2's giant new S&A story but that should not stop any of YOU from doing so.

Speaking of S&A, whilst zoning out vaguely absorbing information from the intertubes today I discovered that Daniel Day-Lewis, in the title role of Hamlet in 1989, had a nervous breakdown and departed the show in the middle of a performance.

Was I the last person to know about this?

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