Dec. 26th, 2010

very_improbable: (ono/gaga)
You guys. Lyonnesse is an amazingly spot-on post-canon story for William Gibson's Bigend trilogy (Pattern Recognition/Spook Country/Zero History). I love the style, the characters, the worldview, the vocabulary, basically everything, and if I were to check my Twitter feed on reveal day to find William Gibson confessing that he had slipped into Yuletide incognito and written it himself I would not be at all surprised.

The very young label rep had spoken over the phone, apologetically, of porousness. Not so much breaches of security as a molecular digestion of boundaries, in an era where the warp and woof of sensitive diplomatic correspondence were indistinguishable from those of pirated Lady Gaga singles. Curfew fans were the very demographic to believe that information wanted to be free, if rocks could be said to want to be downhill, and the spirit of indie rock lacked the budget and will to stand in their way. Hollis got the impression that this had been a stealth marketing initiative, at some sub-Bigend level, or an informal request for proposals.

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