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So, um, I know at least one person on my flist is in what one might term Formula 1 fandom, and...I'm sorry, your fandom is, rather unexpectedly, now officially a bigger pervert than any of mine.

(Not Safe For Work! Contains salacious headlines and picture of silhouetted woman with GIANT SWASTIKA on her chest to illustrate the concept of Nazi Roleplaying Prostitute Scandal!)

A reminder

Nov. 23rd, 2006 01:20 am
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AfterMASH was on television for two entire seasons.

(Why this happened is beyond me, but happen it did. That stuff's not, like, canon, though, right? Because seriously, they did what?)
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Oh my god! Is Tucker Carlson in a FEUD with Anderson Cooper? I really only see about ten minutes of The Situation (or Tucker! THE MUSICAL or whatever it's going to be called now) in a given month, but apparently he totally has it in for Anderson Cooper because he's. . . not a Real Journalist.

(And then they did a piece about Albert Einstein's extramarital affairs that somehow also resulted in Tucker singing a snippet from the Brady Bunch theme song.)

[ profile] pauraque, you watch this crap too, did you see whatever segment Tucker did about Anderson not being Edward R. Murrow that had the Anderfans in such a (surprisingly understated and historically accurate) tizzy? I am so, so amused.

ETA: I found it! What the hell is he doing? I think maybe he's trying to create a feud in the Olbermann-O'Reilly mold? Or something? Whatever, it's hilarious. Meanwhile an [ profile] ohnotheydidnt commenter provides an impromptu, unintentional fame audit for Tucker Carlson:

Isnt that the guy who got bitched out by someone? I want to say it was Jon Stewart? Anywho, this dude's a douche.

([ profile] likethesun2, I am totally working on that thing. I just had to get to the bottom of this vitally important breaking news first.)

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